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Zenhiser is a new breed of Pro Audio Samples Catalogue Stores. Started in 2006 our aim was to bring the finest and most up to date pro audio catalogue to the net. 

It’s been a long hard battle but we have loved every minute of it. Now in 2008 we have one of the largest pro audio catalogues on the net, 10,000’s of audio samples, 100’s of download packs and all our catalogue is 100% exclusive.
Through the learning curve our customers have been fantastic with comments & suggestions on our catalogue, the site, features and our special offers. This communication with our clients has been paramount to both the way Zenhiser feels & works and the philosophy that we now stand by.With the launch of Zenhiser Version 2.0 our site has gone from strength strength, new features include:

A brand new look and browsing option to the site
Instant previews without even clicking the preview buttons
A fortnightly release schedule 
A new line of download packs combos, offering great savings
Free shipping on all sample cd’s
Faster response time on all email queries, help and support

We’re extremely happy with the way Zenhiser has grown and we couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our customers, so for the month of january 2008 all our customers will receive a free download pack with their orders. Simply check our homepage for further information. 


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