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Presenting probably the finest and most detailed collection of 80’s drum samples you will find anywhere. ‘Ultra 80s Drum Kit’ has been an absolute pleasure for us to make. Using 80s sample techniques incorporated with classic outboard fx and mastering hardware we have created what we believe to be the most up to date catalogue of 80s kicks, 80s snares, 80 hats, percussion, toms, crashes, fx and more.

We’ve used all the tricks of the trade to create over 430 incredible 80’s samples including over 100 80’s kick drums and 120+ eighties snares & claps. Every 80’s drum sound within this collection captures the essence of the era that made 80’s music so incredible. This decade gave us our first look into electronic music, brought drum machines and synthesizers to the mainstream and evolved into the dance music we hear today. With a surge of 80’s sounds making a comeback we thought it was our duty to supply a extensive collection of 80’s drum samples second to none.

If you’ve purchased our 80’s kicks, 80’s snares & 80’s hi hats sample packs before then you know what you are in for. If you haven’t then believe us when we say you are in for an audio orgasm!

Want to hear the preview? Trust us it’s worth it. Ultra 80’s Drum Kit


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