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In conjunction with Soundcloud, we’re offering 25% off Soundcloud Premium Accounts to the first 100 customers. If you don’t know about Soundcloud then you probably should. It’s a tool no producer, dj, remixer or label should be without. Simply read the blurb below to find out more.

To get your 25% off, click the link and use the coupon code below it’s that simple.

Coupon Code: zen25anj

SoundCloud is an online audio platform for music professionals to host, receive & distribute their music. It provides an efficient and simple way for music professionals to exchange music they are working on in private settings. With SoundCloud the musician can easily send & receive large numbers of audio files without cluttering their email inbox, having to make use of generic file sending services or manage their own server! For people who deal with music on a regular basis SoundCloud increases efficiency and improves their work flow by allowing them to focus on the music and not think about the actual files.

SoundCloud free service offers users 120 minutes of upload space, options to embed your tracks on Blogs, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. As well as a unique waveform display that allows timed commenting for perfectly accurate annotation!

In conjunction with Zenhiser, we’re offering 25% off of our premium service [which allows in-depth statistical analyses, extra sharing options and no cap on upload limit plus loads more features!] to Zenhiser followers.


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