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With Zenhiser’s 80’s sample catalogue swarming the cloud it was only a matter of time before we brought you a killer new eighties installment.

The 1980’s series is a collection of electronic 80’s beats and loops created solely to represent the 80’s drum loops of a certain year. Starting with 1981 these incredible 80’s drum beats capture the sound, style and groove of 1981 music productions. Continuing through the 80’s timeline you will feel exactly what made the 1980’s one the finest decades for dance music production.

Each 80’s drum beat is supplied in 24 bit 48 khz goodness with multiple passes including no kick and stripped down version to fit in perfectly with your music productions.

We absolutely love the 1980’s here at Zenhiser and welcome the 1980’s drum beat series to our shelves. If you want 80’s drum beats, 80’s drum sounds or 80’s drum kits then you’ve come to the right place.

Want to hear more? Trust us, it’s worth it. 1980’s Drum Beats


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