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With our feet firmly set in the classic house sound ‘Classic House Beats’ was an inevitable Zenhiser release. Dedicated for one purpose, to deliver an authentic collection of retro house beats and grooves that sound fresh and up to date but capture the sound and feel of house musics early days. This is a meticulous sample pack for serious house producers who want something new in their music library. Compiled of over 80 house drum loops with 3+ variations per drum beat gives house producers the chance to evolve their drum tracks without any effort. And with every drum beat created in 24 bit luxury your drum tracks are sure to shine.

A lot of thought and time has gone into this sample pack, finding and crafting retro house drum sounds that fit in both tomorrows music productions and sound right at home in a 90’s Jackin’ House classic. And as with all Zenhiser sample packs both the quality of the sample elements and the production skills within the final drum loops makes this sample pack shine brighter than the rest.

Want to hear just how good these Classic House Beats really are?


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