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After the big success of “Turbo Risers” we thought we would do the same thing to the kick drum sounds of today, push them to their absolute limit! With copious amounts of hours playing with different waveforms, layers, plug ins, eq’s and outboard we eventually got the sound we were looking for in our kicks…… and then we pushed it a little further. The result is 125 custom created kick drums at the forefront of the clubbing sound with an incredible amount of push and bite. Once we finished the kicks we then sat back, smiled and pushed them further with a + version of every kick, that means “Turbo Kicks 1” has a total of 250 kick samples, offering multiple options to each kick so now you can choose just how much you want to push each kick drum sample.

With “Turbo Kicks” we wanted to create a kick drum library that suited a multitude of genres, that means turbo kicks sits perfectly in House, Maximal House, Progressive House, Electro House, Dubstep, Underground Techno, Progressive Trance and just about any sub genre that needs bite in the drum tracks. Be warned these kicks are addictive and once you start using “Turbo Kicks” you’ll wonder why kick drums haven’t punched this much before!

For preview and download, click Turbo Kicks


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