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It’s been a long time in the making but Zenhiser’s back with one of the most anticipated follow up’s, The Dubstep Drum Kit 02. With the first outing becoming a standard in most dubstep producers sample library it was only a matter of time before we got bombarded for a follow up and what a follow up sample pack we’ve got for you! Clocking in at 294 drum sounds and drum fx all insanely processed and designed just for the dubstep market this is a sample pack that will literally blow your tracks to a whole new level. The kick drums are pounding and have been supplied in two styles, deep and hard depending on the style of dubstep you make. Hi Hats are tight and crunchy, perfectly designed to cut through those high frequencies, snares  / claps that crunch, percussive elements to roll and punch, sharp attack cymbals, essential drum fx to set your dubstep beats a cut above the rest and of course some risers to give your dubstep beats the ultimate anticipation.

So what’s in the sample pack I hear you say, well check this out:

Kicks  – Deep : 54 samples
Kicks – Hard : 32 samples
Hi Hats : 25 samples
Snares & Claps : 46 samples
Percussion : 79 samples
Cymbals : 15 samples
FX : 29 samples
Risers : 14 samples


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