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We’ve been waiting a while for this sample pack and boy was it worth the wait. Studio Essentials – Trance delves straight into the trance realm and superbly covers a multitude of sub genres including, trance, progressive trance, tech trance and progressive house all in one shot! This is an incredible melting pot of samples and loops that will drive a whole away of your trance productions and remixes. Every category is packed full of the latest and truly inspirational samples including an unbelievable collection of synth hooks with basslines to match, superb drum sounds including tight ass kicks, a massive selection of fx including, fx, fx hits, fx loops and just about everything else you would need to get your trance productions off the ground.

It’s not often a sample pack offers you so many hooks and even less often when each hook is incredibly programmed and mastered. And with Zenhiser’s Studio Essentials Series once you find the hook you like, you can match up a bassline that works with that hook by it’s number, then add the corresponding beat and you’re on your way. This sample packs weighs in at just over 1 GB so you know just how much tasty trance stuff you’re getting and as with all sample packs in this series, all relevant music parts have key information in the file name and bpm for instant use.

So what’s in Studio Essentials – Trance, well check this out:

Basslines – 55 loops
Drum Beats –  195 loops
Drums – Kicks – 10 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 15 samples
Drums – Claps – 12 samples
Drums – Snares – 10 samples
Drums – Crashes – 11 samples
Drums – Rides – 5 samples
Drums – Tambourines – 5 samples
Drums – Percussion – 41 samples
FX – 26 samples
FX Hits – 20 samples
FX Loops – 10 samples
Synth Stabs – 67 samples
Synth Loops – 61 samples
Textures – 55 samples

For more info and to buy this awesome trance sounds pack, click here


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