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If you like your House music deep and sexy then this is the pack for you. Crammed full of just under 300 Deep House key loops and single hits this sample pack contains enough deep house hooks & grooves to keep your tracks sounding fresh and downright jazzy for years. The loops section of this sample pack ranges from loose grand piano riffs through to the latest chord progressions in various organ sounds and styles. Each instrument has also been multi sampled giving you the option of constructing your own deep house grooves using vintage sounds mastered to perfection. The sophistication and finish of this Deep House Keys sample pack is second to none, it delivers what could only be described as the ultimate plethora of deep house sounds.

So why should you buy this sample pack? Well it’s a Zenhiser sample pack and if you don’t know, we pride ourselves on only supplying high end samples that can be used by top end producers without sounding like the samples came from a standard sample pack. Secondly if you’re into deep house then this is a stock collection of deep house key loops you most definitely need. Thirdly if you are starting out or a seasoned professional the amount of time and skill it would take to come out with this many deep house hooks would just not be beneficial to your music career, and that’s where Zenhiser comes in.

So what’s in the pack? Well check these deep house specs out:

Loops – Grand Piano – 52
Loops – Hohner – 8
Loops – Organ – 57
Loops – Rhodes – 44
Loops – Wurlitzer – 32
Single Hits – Grand Piano – 24
Single Hits – Organ – 23
Single Hits – Rhodes – 35
Single Hits – Wurlitzer – 20

Want to hear just how good these Deep House Keys are?


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