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With the huge success of ‘Dubstep Mayhem’ we just couldn’t leave you with one mind blowing dubstep pack, so here is the shiny new ‘Dubstep Mayhem 2’. 180 brand spanking dubstep beats, bass, fx and dubstep sounds that will twist, warp, attack and destroy any sound system! If you’ve already bought Dubstep Mayhem 1 then this is a no brainer but if you haven’t, then you’ve just stumbled across the most manic dubstep beats and basslines known to man, these are simply huge. We thought the first sample pack was huge then our producer finished ‘Dubstep Mayhem 2’ and we were flabbergasted. The beats are phatter, the basslines more insane, the fx totally mind boggling, we had just discovered this dubstep sounds pack is epic!

Everything in this sample pack is up front, there’s no deep progressive dubstep, no laid back breakstep, it’s full on slap in the face sounds that won’t give you any rest. We guarantee as soon as you start using these dubstep sounds and loops your studio chair will be swaying, your head rocking and some big cheesy grin will overcome your lower face. All the dubstep loops in ‘Dubstep Mayhem 2’ are bpm organised, key note tagged and folder’d by type so you can use just as much or as little as you want (we know you’re going to abuse these samples), it’s that easy with Zenhiser samples.

So what are you waiting for, turn your system volume to f*ckin loud, hit the Dubstep Mayhem 2 preview and blow your mind!

Finally, what’s in ‘Dubstep Mayhem 2’? Well check these specs out:
Dubstep Riffs – 60 loops
Dubstep Beats – 90 loops
Dubstep FX – 30 sounds

Want to hear these amazing Dubstep sounds?


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