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1988 Drum Beats

Every year in the 80’s delivers a wealth of drum beat sand 1988 is one blinding year. Capturing the essence and style of all the main pop & clubbing hits from 1988 this eighties drum beats packs is an outstanding archive of what was great in the music of the 80’s. Ranging from slow sublime beats through to rapid clubbing floor fillers makes the 1980’s series a must for any producer looking to inject some retro flavour into their productions. Honestly it doesn’t get any better than these 80s drum beats and no one delivers such a massive array of  80’s sounds as Zenhiser. We love all you 80’s freaks!

Made of 48khz stereo wav file goodness these 80s drum beats are exclusive to Zenhiser and an absolute must for any producer or remixer looking to give their music productions an 80’s spin.

Once again the attention to detail in these exclusive 80’s sample packs is second to none delivering 80s punch to your drum tracks and taking your music productions into the retro years of the 1980’s.

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We’re such big fans of the 80’s sound here at Zenhiser so it was only a matter of time before we created a sample pack that concentrated solely on 80’s kick drums , and here it is ’80’s Mega Kicks’. As the name suggests these are some huge 80’s kicks, actually 100 huge kicks, all crafted with the same techniques used by top producers back in the day. We spent a lot of time getting these kick drums exactly right so you the producer can use them in your tracks delivering all the punch and attack you need in the current clubbing arena whilst staying loyal to the 80’s drum sound.

f you want a bit of retro flavour in your tracks and want to revert back to when electronic music first raised it’s head then these 80’s kicks are the pinnacle of that era. Think of all those incredibly mixed tracks, “Two Tribes” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, “Blue Monday” by New Order or even the amazing Phil Collins drum sounds, well now you’ve got a catalogue of authentic 80’s kicks like these ready to assault your music productions. All kick drums in this sample pack are 24 bit wav files so the quality and detail is second to none, hey some of these even sound better than they did in the eighties!

So if you’re looking for the best 80’s sounds then the only place is Zenhiser, and if you want some killer 80’s drum sounds and drum kits to add to your sample library then check out our 80’s genre, there’s am mountain of 80’s stuff happening here!

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Fresh from the Zenhiser studio comes a 80’s drum kit that will simply blow you away. The attention to detail on these 80’s drum sounds is second to none and literally took us weeks to produce using the same concept and tricks that were used back in the 80’s by high end studios and producers. ’80’s Retro Drummer’ is a drum kit that not only sounds like it was created in the eighties but stands up against any modern drum kit. We used analogue and digital tools the same way they were used in the 80’s combined with our mastering platform to lift each and every drum sound to a whole new level. ’80’s Retro Drummer’ is by far the most authentic sound you can get without any of the incredibly hard work, so in seconds you can be producing 80’s inspired beats or simply using the reverb snares in your techno productions, kicks in your tech house tracks or even 80’s percussion in your electro house anthem.

Clocking in at just over 390 authentic 80’s drum sounds means this sample pack is an all in one pack for all producers and remixers. With styles and techniques used by some of the pioneers of the 80s including Phil Collins, Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Human League, Tears For Fears, Art Of Noise, Steve Winwood and more this is a sample pack with a decade of pure 80’s drum history.


Want to hear more of these incredible 80’s drum sounds, click here

As you probably know we are big fans of the 80’s sound here at Zenhiser and it wouldn’t be right to go a few months without an exciting new 80’s pack for you guys to muck around with. So without anymore time wasting we would like to introduce “80’s Beats Re-Worked”. The idea behind this latest sample pack was to create a new 80′ drum beat library that sounded like all those classic beats you remember but adapt both the drum sounds and patterns to create something exciting and made you say, “Where have I heard that beat from”. With this new concept in mind we spent weeks creating a new 80’s drum kit (an absolute stunner, coming very soon) with all the bells and whistles bounced and mastered within the drum sounds, then we set off to make a timeless collection of 80’s beats that would inspire producers and remixers to add that 80’s sound to their productions. After another hard few weeks in the Zenhiser studio and with us doing all the hard work of perfectly programming, cutting and mastering each drum loop we developed this crafty sample pack of 80’s beats that you can instantly knowing you’ve got something fresh and exciting to play with without any of the man hours and hard work.

Want to check out these incredible 80’s beats, click here

We’re on to one killer year of 80’s drum beats with ‘1987 Drum Beats’. An amazing array of beat samples ranging from 70 bpm through to 132 bpm, all with multiple versions of the drum beat and cut perfectly for instant use. With over 255 samples this is one sure fire sample pack for anyone wanting that retro 80’s sound in their production and if you know your 80’s then you’ll know this is an absolute belter.

Made of 48khz stereo wav file goodness these 80s drum beats are exclusive to Zenhiser and an absolute must for any producer or remixer looking to give their music productions an 80’s spin.

Once again the attention to detail in these exclusive 80’s sample packs is second to none delivering 80s punch to your drum tracks and taking your music productions into the retro years of the 1980’s.

Dont’ forget to check out our 80’s Electro Beats, Ultra 80’s Drum Beats, 80’s Drum Kit and 80’s Drum Sounds.

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We’ve reached the mid 80s and boy do we have two great 80s drum beat packs for you.  ‘1985 Drum Beats 01, 02’ cover the incredibly popular year of 1985 documenting all the best drum loops and rhythms that 1985 had to offer. As with all our 1980’s drum beat packs every loop has a slightly different spin on it allowing you something fresh and exciting within your music productions whilst still holding true the sound of the 80s beat.

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We love the 80’s here at Zenhiser and can’t get enough of the 80’s sound. With this in mind it was only inevitable that an 80s drum samples multipack would be born and boy do we have an awesome multipack for you. Over 885 80’s drum samples and 80s drum loops crammed into an elegant 1gb zip file of eighties sample & loop goodness. This multipack is an absolute must for all house producers and anyone into the 80’s electronic drum sound, just check out the previews to hear what we are talking about.

This multipack includes:

80’s Electro Beats 01
80’s Electro Beats 02
80’s Electro Beats 03
Pure 80’s Kick Drums 01
Pure 80’s Hi Hats 01
Pure 80’s Snares & Claps 01
Ultra 80’s Drum Beats 01
Ultra 80’s Drum Beats 02
Ultra 80’s Drum Beats 03
Ultra 80’s Drum Kit 01

Click here for Multipack – 80s Drum Collection

With Zenhiser’s 80’s sample catalogue swarming the cloud it was only a matter of time before we brought you a killer new eighties installment.

The 1980’s series is a collection of electronic 80’s beats and loops created solely to represent the 80’s drum loops of a certain year. Starting with 1981 these incredible 80’s drum beats capture the sound, style and groove of 1981 music productions. Continuing through the 80’s timeline you will feel exactly what made the 1980’s one the finest decades for dance music production.

Each 80’s drum beat is supplied in 24 bit 48 khz goodness with multiple passes including no kick and stripped down version to fit in perfectly with your music productions.

We absolutely love the 1980’s here at Zenhiser and welcome the 1980’s drum beat series to our shelves. If you want 80’s drum beats, 80’s drum sounds or 80’s drum kits then you’ve come to the right place.

Want to hear more? Trust us, it’s worth it. 1980’s Drum Beats

We’re expanding our 80’s catalogue to a whole new level and ’80’s Electro Beats’ is a killer addition the set.

80’s Electro Beats is a homage to the 80’s electro sound and takes it’s roots from the classic Streetsounds Electro era. Using elements from this decade and fusing them with today’s electric style has given born to an incredible collection of 80’s beats that not only captures the 80’s sound but brings these amazing 80’s beats inline with the high end productions of today.

Recorded in 24 bit 44.1 khz wav goodness the quality of these 80’s drum loops is second to none. As usual these 80’s beats are exclusive to Zenhiser and ready for instant download after purchase.

We pride ourselves on bringing you extremely high quality sample packs at a great price and 80’s Electro Beats does not break the trend. These 80’s beats crunch, groove at all the right places, grab the classic 80’s sound whilst powering new rhythms and inject quality into your productions. Can you really pass up on eighties beats this good!?!

Want to hear more of these awesome 80’s beats.

When it comes to 80’s samples and loops Zenhiser has one of the most extensive collections, and ‘Ultra 80’s Drum Beats’ adds a truly authentic selection of 80’s beats to the 80’s sample library. Designed and crafted specifically to capture the 80’s movement, groove and complete essence of the 80’s music scene. Nearly all the 80’s drum loops within this collection were constructed using our Ultra 80’s Drum Kit and Pure 80’s Drum Sounds. We then sprinkled those spanking new 80’s drum beats with the right reverbs, compression, mastering tools and a touch of Zenhiser magic …….. giving way to one of the most professional 80’s drum beat collections to date.

The eighties sound has pretty much established itself into today’s dance music scene ensuring sample packs like Ultra 80’s Drum Beats will feel right at home within the latest club, house, tech house, maximal and electro house productions.

With every 80’s beat created, looped and mastered in high quality 24 bit, 44.1 khz wav format this is a collection of 80’s loops that should not be missed. These 80’s drum beats are simply awesome so check out the previews, then download the packs and get your eighties neon club wear out cos we’re bringing back the 80’s drum sound…….. big time!

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