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We’re back with another new monster, designed from the ground up and crafted with extreme detail ‘Transformer Drummer’ is something you just have not heard before. Imagine a drum battle between the Autobots & Decepticons with Optimus Prime hammering a transforming drum kit for hours, well these transformer drum sounds would be the result. We spent literally months creating this drum kit and are super proud of the way it has turned out, there is nothing like it out there, period. With metal power kicks mastered to ZenFX perfection, electric hi hats that break sonic boundaries in high end frequencies, snares that snap like a robotic punch, ultimate manoeuvring percussion and of course fx bangs, reverses and modern transformer fx that was designed specifically for this sample pack, this drum kit will blow your mind!

We decided to create this drum kit at incredibly high quality 24 bit 96 khz sounds which means sonically you can not get a better drum kit for your music productions, for film / tv this will fit in perfectly with your audio limitations. We made a preview for this sample pack in 1 hour, used only the sounds from ‘Transformer Drummer’ and added just a tiny bit of mastering, allowing you to listen to just how easy it is to work with this drum kit, just how deep the kick drums are, how tight the snares and claps sound, how perfect the percussion is and overall just how different to anything you have ever heard before. We highly suggest listening the our preview at a high volume to see how the broad the sonic clarity is. You’re listening to the preview as a crunched mp3, imagine how big it sounds in 96 khz wav goodness!

We like to believe that Zenhiser pushes new ideas and boundaries in our sample packs so as of 6th June 2012 we are confident in saying this is a sample pack no other pro audio sample label has and fits in with our “You heard it first at Zenhiser” moniker. We also decided to add a huge arsenal of drum sounds into ‘Transformer Drummer’ which resulted in an astonishing 755 transformer drum sounds including over 150 percussion sounds, 110 kick drums, 90 snares, 50 fx bangs, 50 hi hats and a whole lot more. Want to see just how much, well check this out:

Claps – 45
Cymbals – 40
FX – Bang – 50
FX – Reverses – 50
FX – Transformer – 70
Hi Hats – 50
Kicks – Phase I – 60
Kicks – Phase II – 50
Percussion – Essential – 150
Percussion – Hits – 50
Percussion – Transformer – 50
Snares – 90

Want to hear just how good these transformer drum sounds are, click here


We’re ramping up 2012 to offer our customers and subscribers some great Zenhiser deals. Starting off the summer period with a bang is a must for everyone in the northern hemisphere so we decided to go big with our first special offer of the year, 30% Off All Drum Kits! Yes that’s right 30% off all drum kits including our latest releases ‘Progressive House Drummer’, ’80’s Retro Drummer’, ‘The Dubstep Drum Kit 2’ & the best selling ‘The 80’s Drum Collection’ to boot. The offer is only available for one week so make sure you get in before the 7th May 2012 when it closes to take advantage of these incredible drum kits offers.

We will be upscaling our special offers and sales over the coming year to everyone from repeat customers to Facebook friends and likers, so make sure you join our Facebook page, Newsletter, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our homepage as some offers will be specific to one social area.

Enjoy, The Zenhiser Team


To check out these awesome drum kits, click here

Fresh from the studio that brought you “All Star Breaks” comes a blistering new breaks drum kit packed full of driving, tight, pushy drum sounds that should make any dubstep or breaks producer’s brain go gaga! Suited perfectly for not only breaks and dubstep but also d&b productions this is a drum library that blows holes into your sample library. This latest addition is built for producers that want to push their drum tracks and drum loops to new realms. We’ve supplied all the hard bits, all you need to is construct and boy are your drum beats going to assault those club sound systems.

Delving from bouncy breaks through to animal driving beats this is the definitive collection of breaks and dubstep drum sounds. And with the Zenhiser treatment you know these samples are going to rock, hey just check out the preview to know what we are talking about.

So what’s in the pack you ask, well check this out:

80 Kicks
80 Hi Hats
20 Claps
60 Snares
30 Percussion
30 Cymbals

As with all Zenhiser samples and loops nothing has been spared in audio quality, 24 bit, 44.1 khz stereo wav files ready to drop into your sampler or DAW. So what are you waiting for, stop reading and start buying!

To preview and buy, click here

Sometimes you just need a sample pack that will cover your genre, give you synth loops and basslines for quick inspiration, a large drum beat database, all the drum sounds you need to create your own beats, bass hits for instant bottom end goodness, an fx folder and synth hits for quick use and the creative flair. Welcome to “Studio Essentials” from Zenhiser.

It doesn’t get much better than this, massive basslines, crunchy drum loops, insane synth hooks, dirty drum sounds, bone shattering fx and much more. “Studio Essentials – Breaks”  combines all avenues of the breakbeat sound and merges them with a twist of dubstep to create an obliterating collection of over 600 samples and loops. Totalling at just over 800 mb this breaks sample collection obliterates the rest and delivers a smorgasbord of cutting edge breaks samples that will keep your productions bang up to date. This all new arsenal of breaks sounds is the second in our Studio Essentials series and a totally fresh sound once again for a specific genre with quality levels at an absolute premium.

So what’s in Studio Essentials – Breaks, well check this out:

Bass Hits – 64 samples
Basslines – 50 loops
Drum Beats – 150 loops
Drums – Kicks – 35 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 10 samples
Drums – Snares – 35 samples
Drums – Toms – 10 samples
FX – 100 samples
Synth Hits – 100 samples
Synth Loops – 50 samples

As with all our sample packs, don’t take our word for it, the preview will do all the talking for us. Honestly these breaks samples are that good!

Want to preview, buy and download, click Studio Essentials – Breaks

Absolutely soaked full of tribal flavor and tweaked to incorporate tech style ‘The Tribal Tech Drum Kit’ combines both genres to supply an exhaustive drum sample library of kicks, hats, snares, claps, percussion and much more.

By concentrating on the infectious tribal tech fusion sound this incredible drum kit supplies a new line of drum samples that will work in multiple drum beat productions including, tech, tribal tech, tech house, house and progressive house.

Packed full of over 345 brand new drum samples all tweaked and mastered in 24 bit wav goodness ‘The Tribal Tech Drum Kit’ is a drum kit that should not be missed. Crisp, tight and punchy this drum kit will add a whole new arsenal of drum sounds to your drum beat production library.

To check out our tech tribal drum samples click here

Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit 01 is an awe inspiring collection of incredibly high end psytrance drum sounds and drum sfx. Built from the ground up with the intention of supplying some of most creative psytrance drum sounds this trance drum kit delivers all and much much more. Over 300 psy trance drum hits makes up this collection with variants including intrinsic kicks, snappy tempo matched snare hits, evolving crashes, tight hi end hats, bouncing sfx and more.

The idea and concept behind ‘Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit 01’ is an evolutionary direction that we love here at Zenhiser. With a broad selection of psytrance drum hits, some delivered dry, some wet and some with bpm matched pattern fx this drum kit takes sample libraries into a whole new direction delivering a exceptional user compatibility that gives producers and remixers a new wealth of ideas and concepts from the very start of their productions.

For more info check out our awesome Psytrance Drum Sounds

The next in our construktion kit series is ‘The TechFunk Construktion Kit 01’. An incredible collection of over 320 of the latest tech, tech house & minimal tech samples and loops. This brand new construktion pack is a must for any producers looking to upgrade their tech sounds quickly, delivering a brand new tech drum kit, drum loops, basslines, synth loops, sound fx and more.

As the name suggests ‘The Tech Funk Construktion Kit’ pushes it’s direction towards the more groovier side of tech music. This liberates a whole new feel with the exclusive tech samples and loops giving select producers a brand new addition to their sample libraries. If you like your tech samples tasty, funky, deep and sweet then check out this tech fueled preview to hear what we’re talking about.

Want to hear more? The Tech Funk Construktion Kit 01

Delving deep into the realms of minimal techno and deep techno this incredible drum kit delivers over 230 of the most up to date techno drum sounds. With a massive percussion and techno fx library this techno drum kit gives a new reach to your techno and minimal techno productions.

Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01 is the perfect collection of brand new techno drum sounds, super tight techno kicks, sophisticated hi hats, snappy techno snares, eclectic tech percussion and essential techno fx makes up this exclusive techno drum kit library.

We’re sure Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01 will become an all out favorite here at Zenhiser and a regular within your techno productions and remixes. This is a must for all serious techno and minimal techno producers.

Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01 includes:

040 techno kicks
025 techno hi hats
020 techno snares & claps
015 techno shakers & tambourines
100 techno percussion hits
030 techno fx

For more on these killer techno sounds click, Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01

Presenting probably the finest and most detailed collection of 80’s drum samples you will find anywhere. ‘Ultra 80s Drum Kit’ has been an absolute pleasure for us to make. Using 80s sample techniques incorporated with classic outboard fx and mastering hardware we have created what we believe to be the most up to date catalogue of 80s kicks, 80s snares, 80 hats, percussion, toms, crashes, fx and more.

We’ve used all the tricks of the trade to create over 430 incredible 80’s samples including over 100 80’s kick drums and 120+ eighties snares & claps. Every 80’s drum sound within this collection captures the essence of the era that made 80’s music so incredible. This decade gave us our first look into electronic music, brought drum machines and synthesizers to the mainstream and evolved into the dance music we hear today. With a surge of 80’s sounds making a comeback we thought it was our duty to supply a extensive collection of 80’s drum samples second to none.

If you’ve purchased our 80’s kicks, 80’s snares & 80’s hi hats sample packs before then you know what you are in for. If you haven’t then believe us when we say you are in for an audio orgasm!

Want to hear the preview? Trust us it’s worth it. Ultra 80’s Drum Kit



The Ultra Distorted Drum Kit is like nothing you have ever heard before, a brand new drum sound collection that not only holds it’s own sound but fits in just about every genre from breaks & d&b through to minimal techno and trance. This drum kit is simply awesome. Breaking nearly 300 industrial strength drum sound and drum hits The Ultra Distorted Drum Kit combines a massive collection of drum sounds from twisted hits and mind blowing drum fx through to precision hi hats and sub shaking kick drums.

Every once in a while a critically new drum sound collection hits production studios and this is it, The Ultra Distorted Drum Kit.

Want to hear more. The Ultra Distorted Drum Kit 01