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We’re back with another Kick Masters pack and this one’s a Techno monster! 150 of the finest, programmed to perfection techno kick drums that will suit just about every sub genre of Techno. It doesn’t matter if you make Full On Techno, Minimal Techno, Classic Detroit Techno, Minimal Tech, Underground Techno or even Berlin Techno, this is the kick sample pack for you. It took absolutely ages to make these techno kicks, a whole chunk of programming time then days of mastering to get the exact punch, low end drive and top end clip to make all of these techno kick drums stand out from the rest. Honestly we reckon once you purchased this Zenhiser pack this will be the only techno kick sample library you will always go to first for your techno kicks.

We’ve supplied every techno kick drum in both mono and stereo versions, we are well aware that the traditionalist will prefer their kicks in mono and the more progressive producer more likely to use the stereo version. As with all Zed 150 kicks even though the stereo versions of the kick are true stereo the main body of the kick drum sits in the centre position so what you are getting is a kick that uses all it’s power in the mono position but adds some extra wonder in the stereo field. Sounds good right, well check out the techno preview to hear these techno kicks in action. We’ve ridden the kicks a little high in the mix just to show you how much power, drive and punch they have. It took a long time in the Zenhiser studio to get these techno kicks to sit apart from the rest and we’re super happy with the result. 300 in total (mono & stereo) techno kick drums that will be spreading like wild fires through the techno scene over the coming months. So don’t get left behind, grab Kick Masters Techno now and lift your techno game to a whole new level!

Kick Masters Techno



Ready to get deep, funky and twisted, well today we’re rolling out probably one of the coolest techno packs to date. Rolling Techno is as the name suggests, a fusion of yesteryear and today’s upfront sound of Techno, it’s as funky as hell whilst still driving enough to make even the most dedicated techno head smile. Crammed full of everything Techno this sample pack has the ability o create an arsenal of fresh techno tracks which will all swing like a motherf*cker and rumble all speaker stacks.

So what’s in this monster, well check this out, there’s techno beats, techno basslines, hits, techno percussion loops, sequences, techno synth loops and top loops, it’s an all out Techno assault! Never have we supplied so much techno goodness crammed into one sample pack which leaves us to happily say “If you’re into Techno and you love your Techno samples then this is the pack for you, period.”

And here’s the details:

Techno Basslines – 29 Loops
Techno Beats – 50 Loops
Techno Claps – 19 Hits
Techno Hi Hats – 21 Hits
Techno Kicks – 22 Hits
Techno Percussion – 35 Hits
Techno Percussion Loops – 34 Loops
Techno Sequences – 29 Loops
Techno Synths – 28 Loops
Techno Top Loops – 30 Loops

Rolling Techno

Progressive House Drummer 2

We’re back with another progressive house monster, and this one rocks big time! Progressive House Drummer 2 delves further into the progressive house and main room house sound delivering an obliterating collection of drum sounds, drum fx and percussion that will simply blow your mind. Edging on the slighter tougher and darker side this drum sound collection fits perfectly with it’s original sister. The range this time is has been tweaked to offer a broader, pushy drum kit array with the anticipation and drive cranked to 11. Totalling 306 progressive house drum sounds all folder’d, clearly named and tag’d means these drum sounds are super easy to use, it’s the way we deliver all our samples and at 24 bit the clarity these bad boys sparkle like no other!

We love our job so much here at Zenhiser and releasing drum kits like this puts a huge smile on our face, it’s the sound of Zenhiser and we f*ckin love it! Don’t be fooled by the name though, this progressive house drum kit is perfect for Main Room, Electro House, Techno and just about everything in between.

So if you want a drum kit that’s full of driving drum sounds, clear as the night sky, sonic perfection in the bottom end that suits a multitude of styles then this is the sample pack for you. Have a look at what you are getting below, then listen to the preview and we’re sure you won’t be hanging on long before pressing the buy button, Progressive House Drummer 2 is simply awesome!

Whats in the drum sounds pack?

Claps – 30
Cymbals – 10
Drum Fills – 6
Drum FX – 10
FX Atmosphere – 10
FX Risers – 5
Hi Hats (Open) – 30
Hi Hats (Closed) – 30
Kicks – 65
Kicks Sub – 10
Percussion – 60
Rides -10
Snares – 30

Ckick here for Progressive House Drum Sounds

Imagine for-filling¬† all your live drum sounds needs in one sample pack, imagine that pack crammed with the funkiest and grooviest drum beats, drum fills and drum sounds. Well this is what you get with ‘The Funky Live Drummer’, 1036 samples and loops spanning a huge 1.2GB all delivered in perfect 24 bit wav goodness and labelled for superb ease of use, sounds good right, well check this out. ‘The Funky Live Drummer’ supplies all the drum tools you need for Breaks, Dubstep, Electro House & Drum & Bass. The drum beats beats have been supplied both with and without audio trails, in various bpm groups of 105bpm, 140bpm & 174bpm so as you can see these incredible live drum loops have been crafted perfectly for breaks ,dubstep and of course d&b producers. The quality of the live drum beats are second to none and give that swing, roll and drive needed for these musical genres. But it get’s better, there’s a folder of drum fills as well and these are some awesome drum fills, just play around with the fill folder in your tracks to create massive fills and transitions within seconds.

Next we get to the highlight of the sample pack, two drum kits, sampled from two different drum kits using multiple positioned mic’s and mastered to a beautiful clarity with both supplied in NI Battery & NI Maschine formats. The drums were sampled from the lightest hit through to a power snaps so you have the balance and choice of just how much feel you want whilst using these drum kits.They are beasts of sampler drum kits for anyone looking to deliver a truly authentic drum sound to their tracks, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a House producer, a Breaks enthusiast or even a Techno head these drum sounds deliver something spectacular to your tracks. Plus if you’re not a Battery or Maschine user, do not fret, just grab the audio file folders and import to your favourite drum machine or sampler, job done!

Here’s what you get in the virtual box:

Live Drum Beats With Trails – 110
Live Drum Beats Without Trails – 110
Live Drum Fills – 30
Live Drum Kits – 786 samples (NI Battery & Maschine)

So if you’re looking for unbeatable value for money and the finest live drum sounds, drum loops and drum fills then ‘The Funky Live Drummer’ is a no brainer. We love delivering great sample packs that define Zenhiser as a key player in the sample realm and we’re sure this will sit up there for it’s extremely high quality sampling and pro drum beat programming. And as we say with all our packs, stop reading the blurb and start listening to the preview, it will do all the talking!


To preview and buy The Funky Live Drummer,just click!


One thing’s for certain, the Roland TR-909 Drum Machine is the most well known drum machine in the world. It’s been used and abused in nearly every studio, found in tracks ranging from 80’s Synth Pop to Underground Techno and has the most distinguishable kick drum, snare and clap sound. Here at Zenhiser we rate it as the world’s best drum machine, it’s been in millions of songs from back in 1983 when the drum machine was introduced to today, where you still hear just as many songs, remixes and albums using it as the day it was released. To simply put it, if you haven’t got a shit hot collection of authentic Roland TR-909 samples then you’re not a true producer. They are the most versatile drum machine sounds you will ever own, the perfect layering tool for future drum samples, an instant aura of yesteryear, something you must have. Hey what do you think makes it into every drum roll build up, it’s the TR-909 snare sound!

909 The Machine is as true as it gets, it’s the biggest collection of Roland TR-909 samples ever released and designed to give you just about every possible combination of 909 drum samples you could ever need. Recorded directly from an original, perfect condition Roland TR-909 with so many different knob adjustments variations it’s crazy, then routed and mastered using the most authentic classic outboard means this Roland TR-909 sample collection is truly amazing. Totalling 1168 samples including 375 kick drum sounds allows you to never need another 909 drum collection ever again. Every attention to detail has been made, multiple takes of each drum machine sound have been sampled with different attack settings, tune settings, decay settings and accent settings, delivering an expansive array of drum sounds to choose from right at your fingertips. Claps recorded hard & soft, no problem, toms tuned for hi, mid & low with hard & soft, done, massive collection of snares in various takes, done again. Every TR909 drum sample has the settings used in the filename, meaning we tell you how much accent, tune, attack and decay was used in each and every sample, now that’s detail for you.

909 – The Machine sounds pretty good so far, right, well it’s about to get a whole lot better. Included in 909 – The Machine is a massive archive of drum beats, all authentic re-creations of the most popular tracks ranging from the late 80’s through to today. There’s 360 TR-909 drum beats in total ranging from 54 bpm throughout to 200 bpm, all looped perfectly and ready to use. I think now you can see just how epic this sample pack really is. And as with all Zenhiser sample packs this Roland TR-909 samples library has all the attention to detail it needs, a top level of audio quality you would only expect from us and labelling that’s makes these drum samples and drum beats a pleasure to use.

So what are waiting for, stop reading this and grab 909 – The Machine, it’s the best money you’ll spend all year!

The Specs:

909 Drum Beats – 364
909 Kicks – 375
909 Claps – 9
909 Crashes – 10
909 Hi Hats – 38
909 Rides – 10
909 Rimshots – 8
909 Snares – 210
909 Toms – 144
Click Roland TR-909 samples to hear this amazing sample pack.

It was only a matter of time before we decided to make another kick drum pack and this one is huge! ‘Supercharged Kicks’ goes where no kick drum sample pack has gone before, covering multiple genres and sub genres in one quality driven kick collection. Made up of four phases ‘Supercharged Kicks’ divides it’s kick tactic goodness into four folders with each dedicated to a certain type of clubbing sound. And it doesn’t matter which phase you pick, all the kick drums in this sample pack are truly massive and extraordinarily pumping! The phase types below are only our suggestions, you can mix and match till your hearts content and we’re sure you’ll come up with some awesome matches if you do.

Phase 1 is designed for Progressive House, Main Room, Upfront House, Electro House, Progressive Trance & Trance. With all the kicks in this section tight, direct, sharp and to the point, this makes these kicks perfect for that driven beat without too much tail end to mud up the drum track.
Phase 2 is perfect for Electro House, Complextro, Dubstep and Main Room, delivering more power, punch and thud. This second phase cuts through a mix perfectly and delivers that heavy bottom end to destroy all speaker stacks.
Phase 3 moves into the heavier sound of kicks and is great for the harder side of Techno, Hard Dance and any genre that needs a balance of full on kicks with low distortion to deliver clean crunch and power thuds. It’s an ideal collection for anyone looking to drive their sound way past what they are used to without loosing the clarity and attack of their kicks.
Phase 4 goes full on and attacks speaker stacks where it hurts. These awesome kicks are perfect for Hardcore & Hard Techno, they deliver incredible amounts of distortion and overdrive without losing the kicks characteristics, which means if you need a whole chunk of kicks that sound invasive and power through in a mix then these are your bad boys!

With a total of 220 spanking new kick drums that cover such a huge array of genres this is a sample pack that can’t be missed. It’s not for you tech house boys, nor the minimal crowd, these kicks are here to thump and thump loud, they’ve been designed by us to give your tracks a rolling start and do what we do best, make f*cking awesome kicks! So if you’re a producer, remixer or just full on superstar these kick drums are for you.

Here’s what you get:

Phase 1 – 60 kick drum samples
Phase 2 – 50 kick drum samples
Phase 3 – 50 kick drum samples
Phase 4 – 60 kick drum samples

It’s pretty simple, when you’re a music producer you can never have enough kick drums, they are the pivotal part of your track, they are usually the first thing used and all tracks are based around them. They need to deliver, and deliver big time so treat yourself today, grab ‘Supercharged Kicks’ from the Zenhiser shelves and say “Yes” this is what I need!!!


Click here to checkout these awesome kick drums



Oh yeah, this is huge,¬† f*cking huge, an obliterating arsenal of Main Room, Progressive House and today’s chart crossing samples like you have never heard before. This will give you chills in your spine and make your hairs stand on end so hard they might be like that for days! We even suggest you take a few hours to relax after using these Zenhiser samples otherwise you will be wired beyond belief. Studio Essentials – Main Room is the 13th sample pack in our series of Studio Essentials and are most full on one yet, we nearly blew our speakers getting the preview mastered and it was well worth it. As you can tell we’re pretty excited about this pack and you know why, because it’s friggin amazing! Use any of the synth loops, basslines and beats in conjunction within your next track and watch thousands of people go off big time. Every sample in this pack has so much grunt and power that you have a 100% peak time rush rate when using these samples. Even the bass hits have been pushed to their absolute peak to deliver what is (as we believe) the best Main Room sample pack out there, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

And as with all our Studio Essentials series, all you need to do is pick a sample track number and watch the baseline, synth loop and drum beat work perfectly together in seconds, that’s the way we’ve designed these packs and that’s the way you should use them for maximum devastation. We’ve been producers for decades and know what to deliver in our packs, we supply them the way you need them, labelled with the right information in each audio file and we never sugar coat the previews. So you haven’t listened to the Studio Essentials – Main Room preview yet, well let’s see if this will get you there. This Main Room masterpiece includes, bass hits, basslines, drum beats in multiple variations, drum hits including kicks, hats, snares, percussion, toms even friggin big ass reverb snares for ultimate impact, deck stop fx, drum master glitches, synth glitches to make your tracks bang up to date, vox glitches and even snare drum rolls to finish your club tracks off perfectly! Add that to huge array synth hooks plus power pushed synth hit one shots and you’ve got a sample pack that will blow clubbers minds.

Now you HAVE to listen to the preview, it’s the only way for you to realise just how big this sample pack is, it’s the epic moment when you realise with Zenhiser’s help you’ve just lifted your music production game to the big boys level. There’s no looking back after this, Studio Essentials – Main Room is as good as it get’s when it comes to Main Room samples. With this amount of heart stopping samples in one pack you will soon realise this will be the best $35.00 you have ever spent!

Here’s what you get:

Bass Hits – 30
Basslines – 50
Drum Beats – 150
Drums – Kicks – 20
Drums – Hi Hats – 20
Drums – Snares – 20
Drums – Big Snares – 20
Drums – Toms – 20
Drums – Percussion – 17
FX – Deck Stop Hits – 11
FX – Drum Glitches – 20
FX – Synth Glitches – 10
FX – Vox Glitches – 30
FX – Various – 40
Snare Drum Rolls – 9
Synth Hits – 30
Synth Loops – 80

So there you have it, 577 of the finest Main Room, Big Room, Progressive House, Crossover (whatever you want to call it) samples and loops that you will find in a sample pack. Zenhiser’s moving to whole new sample levels, wanna join us for the ride?!?

Want to check out this incredible sample pack, well click Main Room Samples

Here at Zenhiser we are going full hog with the classic retro sound, it’s where dance musics roots are and as with everything cool it will come full circle to be cool again. ‘Vinyl House Drum Samples’ encompasses everything that was cool in the early 90’s house scene, it doesn’t matter whether you were rocking to the deep house sound in the US or strutting your stride to early UK garage, this house drum kit grabs all those elements and thrusts them to your face in an awe inspiring snippet of those classic clubbing sounds.

Delivered as always in 24 bit wav goodness and mastered to musical perfection these vinyl house drum samples fit so many current house trends that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tech house producer, deep house artist, minimal techno master or even a straight up house freak. There’s a plethora of drum sample folders in this drum kit including kicks, claps, crashes, percussion, snares, slaps, short & long hi hats, but it doesn’t stop there, it’s also supplying one shots including vinyl hits, vocal snippets, basses, instrument stabs, plus noises and fx to boot. This sample pack is an all out bombardment of uber cool drum samples and one shots! Plus, holy shit there’s 703 of these killer drum samples, drum sounds and banging one shots in here! Could this drum kit really be so???

Once again Zenhiser is delivering drum samples that just aren’t out there yet so we recommend you be quick, grab this sample pack and start using these vinyl house drum samples before the rest of the world catches on. Get the edge in your music productions and get in quick, hey we’re gonna take your music to places you simply didn’t think it could go and that’s what makes a great artist. So say hello to some of the coolest, hipster house drum sounds that money can buy!

Oh and what exactly is in the sample pack I hear you cry, well here’s Vinyl House Drum Samples specs:

Bass Sounds – 44
Claps – 32
Crashes – 21
FX – 28
Hi Hat (Long) – 78
Hi Hat (Short) – 79
Instrument Stabs – 67
Kicks – 86
Noises – 15
Percussion – 103
Snaps – 4
Snares – 70
Vinyl Hits – 14
Vocals – 62

So if the name has enticed you and the description hasn’t sold it you, then check out the preview and you’ll know how much you need these classically cool, utterly modest drum samples and one shots. They will lift your music game to a whole new level. Yummy!!!

Want to find out just how good these Vinyl House Drum Samples are, click here

We’re back with another new monster, designed from the ground up and crafted with extreme detail ‘Transformer Drummer’ is something you just have not heard before. Imagine a drum battle between the Autobots & Decepticons with Optimus Prime hammering a transforming drum kit for hours, well these transformer drum sounds would be the result. We spent literally months creating this drum kit and are super proud of the way it has turned out, there is nothing like it out there, period. With metal power kicks mastered to ZenFX perfection, electric hi hats that break sonic boundaries in high end frequencies, snares that snap like a robotic punch, ultimate manoeuvring percussion and of course fx bangs, reverses and modern transformer fx that was designed specifically for this sample pack, this drum kit will blow your mind!

We decided to create this drum kit at incredibly high quality 24 bit 96 khz sounds which means sonically you can not get a better drum kit for your music productions, for film / tv this will fit in perfectly with your audio limitations. We made a preview for this sample pack in 1 hour, used only the sounds from ‘Transformer Drummer’ and added just a tiny bit of mastering, allowing you to listen to just how easy it is to work with this drum kit, just how deep the kick drums are, how tight the snares and claps sound, how perfect the percussion is and overall just how different to anything you have ever heard before. We highly suggest listening the our preview at a high volume to see how the broad the sonic clarity is. You’re listening to the preview as a crunched mp3, imagine how big it sounds in 96 khz wav goodness!

We like to believe that Zenhiser pushes new ideas and boundaries in our sample packs so as of 6th June 2012 we are confident in saying this is a sample pack no other pro audio sample label has and fits in with our “You heard it first at Zenhiser” moniker. We also decided to add a huge arsenal of drum sounds into ‘Transformer Drummer’ which resulted in an astonishing 755 transformer drum sounds including over 150 percussion sounds, 110 kick drums, 90 snares, 50 fx bangs, 50 hi hats and a whole lot more. Want to see just how much, well check this out:

Claps – 45
Cymbals – 40
FX – Bang – 50
FX – Reverses – 50
FX – Transformer – 70
Hi Hats – 50
Kicks – Phase I – 60
Kicks – Phase II – 50
Percussion – Essential – 150
Percussion – Hits – 50
Percussion – Transformer – 50
Snares – 90

Want to hear just how good these transformer drum sounds are, click here

We’re ramping up 2012 to offer our customers and subscribers some great Zenhiser deals. Starting off the summer period with a bang is a must for everyone in the northern hemisphere so we decided to go big with our first special offer of the year, 30% Off All Drum Kits! Yes that’s right 30% off all drum kits including our latest releases ‘Progressive House Drummer’, ’80’s Retro Drummer’, ‘The Dubstep Drum Kit 2’ & the best selling ‘The 80’s Drum Collection’ to boot. The offer is only available for one week so make sure you get in before the 7th May 2012 when it closes to take advantage of these incredible drum kits offers.

We will be upscaling our special offers and sales over the coming year to everyone from repeat customers to Facebook friends and likers, so make sure you join our Facebook page, Newsletter, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our homepage as some offers will be specific to one social area.

Enjoy, The Zenhiser Team


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