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We’re back with the third fx instalment for all you Psytrance freaks, 152 brand new psytrance fx ready to drop into your mix and finish your tracks off in seconds. Honestly once you’ve heard these psytrance fx monsters you’ll realise just how much you need them for your transitions, drops, fades, sweeps and all round top end quality and shine. Our psytrance producer has seriously knuckled down to bring you by far the most high end psytrance fx we have ever heard, they are the perfect accompaniment to Psytrance FX 01 & Psytrance FX 02 and an all out must for anyone looking to develop their psytrance fx and loops.

The attention to detail is once again second to none, with the fx samples being broken up into two sections, fx one shots and tempo synced fx. The first section comprises of shuddering rises, reverse sweeps, bass fx hits, noted reverb tails, shining bell fx, sharp drops, evolving risers, space echoes and a whole chunk more fx sounds. The second section comprises of bpm fx loops including manipulated glitch patterns, morphing bass synth loops, hammer fx, arpeggiated synth masters, futuristic rhythmic elevations, whipping fx sweepers and again …… a whole chunk more fx loops.

So what are you waiting for, get these 24bit psytrance fx sounds now and start giving your music productions a whole new level of shine!

Psytrance FX 03



After the incredible success of Transformer FX we had no choice but to go back in the studio and come up with a follow up sample pack that would freak the living sh*t out of you. It’s taken 4 months to make Transformer FX2 and we loved every single minute of making it, spine tingly moments with the studio speakers cranked up, a symphony of “F*ck Yeah’s” every couple of hours when we hit the jackpot of sound manipulation and a big smile each morning realising today in the studio was all about experimentation and fun. Honestly Transformer FX2 was the highlight in the Zenhiser studio for this year and knowing this is the biggest monster of a fx sample pack you will ever hear makes us super happy.

So what’s so big about these fx sounds? Well we designed them harder, faster, more intricate and robotic tastic than ever before. We’ve created new robotic categories that haven’t been done before, bigger hits, blasts, power downs, power ups, robotic mutations, ricochets, robotic vocal manipulation, fly by’s and a whole lot more. We’ve crammed in 630 transformer fx sounds, all new, all fresh and all ready to used in multiple areas including TV / Film / Cinematic Compositions and of course Music Productions and Remixes. To keep up with the trends all the ZenFX samples have been made in 24 bit 96khz stereo and foldered for easy use and compatibility,t his ensures the audio quality is second to none on all the fx sounds. We spent a long time not only creating these fx masterpieces but also mastering them to a whole new level.

Transformer FX 2 was made not only to deliver fx sounds mirroring those in the Transformers movies but to surpass them, we wanted to lift the fx sound game to a new level of audio orgasmic goodness and believe that with Transformer FX 2 we have done just that. These are the pinnacle of robotic fx, electronic fx, sci fi sound fx and a whole chunk more.

So what type of fx sounds are in Transformer FX2?

Hits – Power – 35
Hits – Soundcapes – 10
Power Downs – 15
Power Ups – 10
Reverses – 20
Robot – Fire, Punches, Ricochets, Hits – 60
Robot – Mutate 1 – 45
Robot – Mutate 2 – 50
Robot – Mutate 3 – 40
Robot – Transform Multis – 215
Robot – Transform Singles – 105
Robotic – Voice – 25

We can keep blabbing on about how good Transformer FX 2 is or you can listen to the preview and make your own mind up. Made only using Transformer FX 2 sounds and no heavy mastering, these are exactly how the samples sound. So crank your system to friggin loud and get ready to be blown away!

Want to hear these awesome Transformers FX2?

We love bringing you sample packs that you simply haven’t heard before and we’re the first to release drum roll packs, riser and sweep packs, genre specific drum hits, spin back fx and now a new arsenal for your fx sounds, Fly By FX! As the name suggests these are fx sounds designed exclusively to woosh through the stereo field and designed exclusively for use in music productions. Totalling 235 brand new exclusive samples these awesome array of brand new sounding woosh fx add new excitement to your tracks and give you an upper hand on other producers who simply don’t have a collection of fx like these.

Honestly these fly by fx are shit hot! Ranging from super fast stereo whooshes to downright nasty synth fly by’s there is something for all producers from house producers through to trance masters and dubstep connoisseurs. We’ve added just a small selection of these fx to the preview with nothing else so get to hear exactly what you are getting, so times this by nearly 10 and that’s how many super friggin hot fx sounds you’re getting that just haven’t been heard of.

Get ready to move into a whole new level of fx with ‘Fly By FX‘.

Want to check out these incredible Fly By FX ?

ZenFX is a totally new monster dedicated to extremely high end sound fx mastered to perfection and ready to be used in a multitude of areas including TV / Film / Games / Cinematic Compositions and of course Music Production. Each sample pack in the ZenFX collection has been crafted to offer a new area of sound design and audio quality that simply blows your mind. And with that in mind we would like to introduce our flagship pack “Transformer FX”.

Bringing the world of high end fx to Zenhiser, we welcome “Transformer FX“. An absolutely stunning collection of fx sounds that represent the robotic sound and atmosphere of the movies “Transformers”. Designed from the ground up using the latest technologies these transformer fx will absolutely blow your mind and deliver a library of fx sounds you simply don’t have. All crafted and recorded in 24 bit 96 khz wav files these fx samples are the pinnacle of sound design giving hi end frequencies within the fx sounds there room to breath and shine. We’ve once again pushed the audio boundaries with this collection of 446 royalty free fx samples and loops. These transformers fx are the futuristic design of samples and perfect for your music productions, tv & film scores or cinematic masterpieces. This sample pack is the perfect way to kick start ZenFX and showcase just how good these new fx samples from Zenhiser really are.

With an understanding of what you need we have created a broad range of transformer fx sounds, each allocated to it’s own folder so finding the samples is a breeze. We even decided to add a few extra folders which perfectly suits the robotic fx sound including Alerts, Beeps & Glitches, Cinematic Impacts, Electric Charges, Spacecraft Fly Bys, Walkers and more.

Transformer FX includes all you’ll need for the ultimate sic fi fantasy in your productions and is perfect for robotic movements, massive impacts & hits, power ups, power downs, reverse fx, enemy growls, weapons and a lot more. Hey we even included some robotic drums in the pack to make the whole package a little more tasty. With a great attention to detail we have supplied fx sounds that even blew us away as we made them, they can used on their own, layered up like our preview or sparsely used for ultimate impact, the world is your oyster with this fx sample pack.

So what does Transformer FX contain?

Beeps & Glitches
Cinematic Impacts
Electric Charges
Hits & Impacts
Power Ups
Power Downs
Robot Drums
Spacecraft – Fly By’s
Spacecraft – Various

Want to hear just how incredible these Transformer FX are, click here


These brand new additions to the ‘Future FX’ series push the audio fx boundaries to a whole new level. Developed exclusively to create an all new sound fx collection which encompasses the forward thinking of an fx-future.

Every royalty free sound fx within ‘Future FX 03‘ works seamlessly within the fx-future realm, including warped fx, electronic sfx, evolving space fx, industrial audio fx, manipulated delay fx and so much more. Suited for a broad range of SFX applications, Future FX will work in nearly all audio enviroments including film soundtracks, game fx, tv, songs, remixes and web apps.

There’s always room for more SFX in everyone’s studio collection, but when you’re looking for sound effects to download now and still hold their own in future years, then the Future FX series is the only way to go.

Click here for ‘Future FX


These industrial sized sound effects are the perfect add on to all established SFX collections. Merging through time, capturing the evolving sound of digital machines is the direction of ‘Mechanical Sound FX‘. Inspired by years of classic sci-fi films we decided to create this collection of audio fx to encapture machines in all their forms through a digital perspective. By keeping the direction focused we believe this sound fx title produces extremely high quality mechanical sfx which fit a multitude of uses including film, tv, gaming, music productions and apps.

If you like to keep ahead of the game with your royalty free sound fx, then check out the audio previews, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

For further information and to buy, click ‘Mechanical Sound FX