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Holy Guacamole, we’re back with another Main Room House monster and this one rocks big time! 493 Main Room House samples, loops and fx ready to use straight out the virtual box and with just about every sample sounding friggin massive this is going to lift your productions to a whole new level. There’s hooky as hell main room synth loops, slammin snare tastic beats, driving basslines and super sharp fx all crammed into one zip file and perching  on the edge of our server ready for the high demand it’s about to sustain.

Totaling just under 785mb means this is a sample pack is crammed to the brim with just about everything you need to either build a Mainroom House factory at home or pick your sweet bits to lift any and all of your productions.

So what exactly is in the pack I here you say, well here’s ‘Main Room Anthems‘ low down:

Midi – Arp – 50
Midi – Basslines – 50
Midi – Pad – 50
Midi – Synth – 100
Audio – Arp – 50
Audio – Basslines – 50
Audio – Pad – 50
Audio – Synth – 50

So what are you waiting for, add ‘Main Room Anthems‘ to your cart and get ready for Main Room House Heaven!

Main Room Anthems


So you’re a house producer, you’re looking for some new inspiration to include in your next track, well have we got something uber cool for you. ‘Organic Club Groovers‘ delves into the house scene and shakes things up by mixing an eclectic sound of various house styles and pumping out some incredible grooves to give your tracks the underground house edge they need. Hey if a sample pack could be hipster this would be the one. ‘Organic Club Groovers’ is a smorgasbord of style with one thing for sure, the organic groove and superb swing of the sample pack will have you jackin round the studio in minutes. From organic jazzy vibes through to the retro swing sound of early garage and house ‘Organic Club Groovers‘ melts perfectly together to deliver a great range of basslines, beats and synth hooks. And as with all Zenhiser sample packs these house grooves are brand spanking new, with no duplication over our entire Zenhiser catalogue you know that you can keep buying without the chance of doubling up on samples and loops.

So what’s in the pack? Well check these Organic Club Grooves specs out:

Basslines – 60
Drum Beats – 299
Synth Hooks – 86

As with all Zenhiser sample packs we say just listen to the preview, it will do all the talking!
Want to check out how good these Organic Club Groovers are?


Delving deeper and deeper into the house sound whilst venturing into the future realms of house delivers a brand new sample pack way ahead of it’s time. “Studio Essentials – Euro House” is a mesmerising catalogue of over 600 brand new Euro House basslines, bass hits, drum beats, synth loops, fx, drum hits, synth hits and more. Weighing in at just over 660 mb this sample pack is jammed packed full of house hooks that will simply blow your music productions to a whole new level. From tantalising reverb soaked synth hooks through to shuffly basslines and snappy beats this sample pack oozes pro audio quality that can be used and abused within minutes to create some awe inspiring house tracks.

Don’t let then name fool you, this isn’t a sample pack suited only for the future sound of house, it also fits just about every sub genre of house that needs a little push, drive and quality. These samples are a cutting edge design of what’s hot in house producers studio’s right now so why not grab this pack and lift your musical game 110%.

So what’s in Studio Essentials – Euro House, well check this out:

Bass Hits – 30
Basslines – 51 loops
Drum Beats –  200 loops
Drums – Kicks – 30 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 30 samples
Drums – Snares – 30 samples
Drums – Percussion – 40 samples
Full Loops – 50
FX – 20 samples
Synth Hits – 49 samples
Synth Loops – 76 samples

To preview and download these Euro House Samples click here


It’s time to warm up your sample collection with “Studio Essentials – Balearic House”, an utterly blissful array of Balearic House samples and loops. This exclusive sample pack from Zenhiser delivers the atmosphere and Ibiza sound in one tightly packed selection of over 600 beats, basslines, synth loops, melodies, fx, one shots and grooves. Totalling just over 1GB in size this is one heck of a collection of pro house sounds & grooves which will keep you busy for multiple days in the studio. Packed full of blissful grooves, sun soaked chords, deep funky basslines and crisp drum beats this sample pack is an absolute must for serious house producers looking for instant hooks and melodies from the word go. Just imagine the sun setting over your favourite stretch of Ibiza coastline, that particular light, the feeling of warm sand in between your toes and the melodic grooves rolling through the air and the waves cascade over the shoreline ……… that’s what we’ve encapsulated within these samples. And with the attention to detail at an all time high the quality of these balearic house samples is second to none, you will not find another collection of straight out the box grooves and loops this tasty, warm and just right.

All Zenhiser loops are tempo based with the key information also in the filename for quick and easy use. Samples have been constructed in 24 bit wav goodness and looped perfectly to make using an absolute breeze. We love our job here at Zenhiser and when samples packs like this capture a fresh new market in such a beautiful way we couldn’t be happier.

So what’s in Studio Essentials – Balearic House, well check this out:

Basslines – 51 loops
Drum Beats –  202 loops
Drums – Kicks – 70 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 10 samples
Drums – Claps – 9 samples
Drums – Snares – 21 samples
Drums – Rides – 4 samples
Drums – Cymbals – 16 samples
FX – 100 samples
Synth Hits – 100 samples
Synth Loops – 55 samples

As with all our sample packs, don’t take our word for it, the preview will do all the talking for us. Honestly these balearic samples are that good! So check it out here, Balearic House



Delving deep into the latest house sounds “Studio Essentials – Deep House” is a master collection of deep house samples and loops for the serious house producer looking to broaden their scope on professional deep house sounds and grooves. Sexy grooves, deep synths, subby basslines, extraordinary programmed beats tight drum sounds and a bonus collection of filtered loops makes this brand new sample pack top of the sample list.

This latest deep house extravaganza from Zenhiser packs in at just over 834 mb and manages to supply over 470 samples and loops all bpm matched, key note tagged with all relevant information in the filename. If that wasn’t good enough all basslines, synth loops and drum beats within the Studio Essential packs have been numbered in order, meaning baseline 01, synth loop 01 and drum beat 01 all work together perfectly for instant use and a deep house hook in seconds. We also supply all our drum beats within the Studio Essential series in multiple parts so you’ll have one version with a kick, one without a kick and one stripped down for breakdowns, drops, fills and more.

If you are looking to diversify your deep house sample library then this pack is an absolute must. Rating 5 stars by us here in the Zenhiser office should give you an indication at just how good these samples are.

So what’s in Studio Essentials – Deep House, well check this out:

Bass Hits – 30 samples
Basslines – 50 loops
Drum Beats – 151 loops
Drums – Kicks – 40 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 30 samples
Drums – Snares – 30 samples
Drums – Percussion – 30 samples
Filtered Loops – 17 samples
Full Loops – 50 samples
Synth Loops – 75 samples

As with all our sample packs, don’t take our word for it, the preview will do all the talking for us. Honestly these deep house samples are that good! Deep House

Purveyor’s of all things house will be spell bound by the latest drum kit to hit the Zenhiser shelves. ‘The Classic House Drum Kit‘ is an authentic collection of classic house drum sounds and hits that encapsulates the classic groovy house sound. With over 270 exclusive drum hits including woody low end kicks, rattly hi hats, live sounding snares and percussion and the bonus of an drum fx folder to sweeten things up this sample pack simply can not be missed by any serious house music producer or remixer.

Hey, don’t take our word for it, check out the house drum kit preview to hear just how good this sample pack really is. The Classic House Drum Kit

Delving deep into the vaults of the classic house sound ‘The Vintage House Construction Kit’ delivers a memorizing collection of retro house samples and loops. Jam packed with over 1.1GB of classic house beats, drum sounds, noises, chords, synth loops, bass hits, key loops, bass loops and more makes this collection of retro house samples a must for all serious house enthusiasts. From the Classic American Sound through to the yester years Jackin’ Vibe ‘The Vintage House Construktion Kit’ deploys a musical orgasm of classic groovy house sounds that are not only becoming the sound of tomorrow but a base collective of today and past days.

Employing both classic house single hit samples with retro music loops this sample pack offers something for a broad range of house producers and remixers. If you’re simply looking to add a core base of retro house samples to your sampler then this pack is for you. If you’re needing some inspiration and looking to give your tracks that classic house groove then this pack is for you. And if you want the building blocks to create a truly professional house music production in minutes then this sample pack is for you too!

Want to hear more click here, Vintage House Samples

Fresh out the Zenhiser studio comes an obliterating collection of kick drums samples designed with one purpose in mind, to push the sonic frequency of your kick sample library and deliver some of the most freshest, punchy and driving dance kicks ever.

“Big Room Kicks” comprises of 199 kicks, mastered into two versions, original and +plus (398 samples in total). By supplying each kick drum in two mastered versions you now have more choice when picking the right kick for your music production. If you love the original kick sound, perfect, just drop the kick into your mix for instant gratification, if you love a kick drum but it’s still a little light for your track, no problem pick the + version for that little extra punch and low end power you need. Our background as music producers as well as sample producers gives us the insight into what you really want and need, many a time did we find a kick that sounded great but just lacked that little bit of oomph and believe us you can spend hours and hours trying to create that extra power with no joy. So we decided it was about time to start offering certain Zenhiser drum sample packs with dual options and “Big Room Kicks” was the first on our list.

For more information and to buy these incredible kick drums click here

We’re starting off 2011 with a fresh spin, every month through 2011 we will be discounting or giving away a free pack with your purchase, trust us these offers are going to be really good. First up for February is 60% off Mutipack – Pro House Drum Loops. Yes you heard right, 60% off, that’s a saving of over $35.00 AUD.

Remember though, these offers are for a limited time so if you fancy a huge chunk of  house drum loops then simply add the coupon code Z02PHDLM to your basket before 28th February 2011.

Think this is good, wait till you see what we have in store for you next month!

Click here Multipack Pro House Drum Loops

Absolutely soaked full of tribal flavor and tweaked to incorporate tech style ‘The Tribal Tech Drum Kit’ combines both genres to supply an exhaustive drum sample library of kicks, hats, snares, claps, percussion and much more.

By concentrating on the infectious tribal tech fusion sound this incredible drum kit supplies a new line of drum samples that will work in multiple drum beat productions including, tech, tribal tech, tech house, house and progressive house.

Packed full of over 345 brand new drum samples all tweaked and mastered in 24 bit wav goodness ‘The Tribal Tech Drum Kit’ is a drum kit that should not be missed. Crisp, tight and punchy this drum kit will add a whole new arsenal of drum sounds to your drum beat production library.

To check out our tech tribal drum samples click here