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Holy Guacamole, we’re back with another Main Room House monster and this one rocks big time! 493 Main Room House samples, loops and fx ready to use straight out the virtual box and with just about every sample sounding friggin massive this is going to lift your productions to a whole new level. There’s hooky as hell main room synth loops, slammin snare tastic beats, driving basslines and super sharp fx all crammed into one zip file and perching  on the edge of our server ready for the high demand it’s about to sustain.

Totaling just under 785mb means this is a sample pack is crammed to the brim with just about everything you need to either build a Mainroom House factory at home or pick your sweet bits to lift any and all of your productions.

So what exactly is in the pack I here you say, well here’s ‘Main Room Anthems‘ low down:

Midi – Arp – 50
Midi – Basslines – 50
Midi – Pad – 50
Midi – Synth – 100
Audio – Arp – 50
Audio – Basslines – 50
Audio – Pad – 50
Audio – Synth – 50

So what are you waiting for, add ‘Main Room Anthems‘ to your cart and get ready for Main Room House Heaven!

Main Room Anthems


So you’re a house producer, you’re looking for some new inspiration to include in your next track, well have we got something uber cool for you. ‘Organic Club Groovers‘ delves into the house scene and shakes things up by mixing an eclectic sound of various house styles and pumping out some incredible grooves to give your tracks the underground house edge they need. Hey if a sample pack could be hipster this would be the one. ‘Organic Club Groovers’ is a smorgasbord of style with one thing for sure, the organic groove and superb swing of the sample pack will have you jackin round the studio in minutes. From organic jazzy vibes through to the retro swing sound of early garage and house ‘Organic Club Groovers‘ melts perfectly together to deliver a great range of basslines, beats and synth hooks. And as with all Zenhiser sample packs these house grooves are brand spanking new, with no duplication over our entire Zenhiser catalogue you know that you can keep buying without the chance of doubling up on samples and loops.

So what’s in the pack? Well check these Organic Club Grooves specs out:

Basslines – 60
Drum Beats – 299
Synth Hooks – 86

As with all Zenhiser sample packs we say just listen to the preview, it will do all the talking!
Want to check out how good these Organic Club Groovers are?


It’s summer time, the sun is shining, the weathers warm and we’ve got a whole chunk of summer love for you, so why not share that love with our zentastic Summer Sale. For the whole month of August we’ve got 20% off Everything, yep that’s right 20% off absolutely everything! So if want to stock up on all our uber cool samples, loops & presets then this is the time to think big and stock up.

All you need to do is use code ZENSUMMER20 upon payment and by some amazing Zenhiser voodoo we will knock off 20% of your order. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you grab, you will still get your 20% discount.

We love you guys and hope you love us just as much too, so there’s only one question to ask, “What Are You Gonna Buy?” Let us know at

Click me for Zenhiser awesomeness.

If you like your House music deep and sexy then this is the pack for you. Crammed full of just under 300 Deep House key loops and single hits this sample pack contains enough deep house hooks & grooves to keep your tracks sounding fresh and downright jazzy for years. The loops section of this sample pack ranges from loose grand piano riffs through to the latest chord progressions in various organ sounds and styles. Each instrument has also been multi sampled giving you the option of constructing your own deep house grooves using vintage sounds mastered to perfection. The sophistication and finish of this Deep House Keys sample pack is second to none, it delivers what could only be described as the ultimate plethora of deep house sounds.

So why should you buy this sample pack? Well it’s a Zenhiser sample pack and if you don’t know, we pride ourselves on only supplying high end samples that can be used by top end producers without sounding like the samples came from a standard sample pack. Secondly if you’re into deep house then this is a stock collection of deep house key loops you most definitely need. Thirdly if you are starting out or a seasoned professional the amount of time and skill it would take to come out with this many deep house hooks would just not be beneficial to your music career, and that’s where Zenhiser comes in.

So what’s in the pack? Well check these deep house specs out:

Loops – Grand Piano – 52
Loops – Hohner – 8
Loops – Organ – 57
Loops – Rhodes – 44
Loops – Wurlitzer – 32
Single Hits – Grand Piano – 24
Single Hits – Organ – 23
Single Hits – Rhodes – 35
Single Hits – Wurlitzer – 20

Want to hear just how good these Deep House Keys are?

The second synth to get the Zenhiser treatment is Lennar Digital’s Sylenth, an epic synth with incredible sound and clarity. ‘Sylenth Minimal Tech’ takes over where Lennar Digital left off and delivers an amazing aray of minimal tech presets and banks. With just over 100 presets encapsulating the deeper and more eclectic sound of minimal tech, these Sylenth presets come into a world of their own. Supplied in both preset form and via banks as well means these presets are super easy to use and load. If you’re into the minimal tech, tech house, underground tech or even techno then these sylenth presets from Zenhiser will suit your productions and remixes perfectly. Think that’s all you’re going to get in the pack, we check this out, ‘Sylenth Minimal Tech’ also contains 115 music loops including, arps, basslines, fx, synth loops and sequences, all with key information and bpm tagged in the filenames. And how about this, we’ve also thrown in the midi files for these parts so you can alter, manipulate or re-design the loops within minutes to give your productions the unique sound you want.

Want to check out the preview to these incredible Sylenth presets, click here

This is the definitive collection of Progressive House drums for all proggy producers and remixers. Crafted with extreme attention to detail every element within this drum kit fits the progressive house mould like a glove. Delivering just over 340 new and exclusive kicks, hats, claps, snares, fx and percussion, this is a drum sample library with a breath of fresh air for clubbing producers. And just to make the progressive house drum sounds a little more tasty we’re also supplying looped drum fx and percussive loops within the sample pack to get your productions roller faster and easier.

“Progressive House Drummer” is the perfect pack to compliment “Progressive House Groovers” & “Studio Essentials – Progressive”, giving you an arsenal of samples and sounds to lift your music production game. With instant usability and a plethora of progressive house drum sounds this sample pack fits in with both the seasoned professionals and start up producer community. So if you’re looking for a fresh new bank of progressive house drum sounds that not only fits the progressive camp but also electro house, progressive trance and more then this is the sample pack of choice. Hey, check out the preview to hear exactly what we are talking about, we know you’ll be buying right after you’ve heard it!

Want to hear just how good these progressive house drums are, click here.


Zenhiser’s back with another progressive house monster, 329 bass, beats, synths and fx make up 60 awe inspiring progressive house grooves. Ready for instant glorification these incredible progressive house loops will have your progressive tracks in melodic overdrive within minutes. Crafted from the ground up each full loop contains separate basslines, beats and synths which means you can use as much or as little of each full groove as you wish. Each full loop and it’s breakdown parts also contain bpm and key information within the file name so no more routing around for read me files, the essential information is where you need it. And just to make the pack a little more tasty there is a bonus fx folder thrown in!

Progressive House samples packs just don’t get better than this, innovative drum beats, sonically perfect basslines and erotic melodic synth loops. And as with all Zenhiser packs we’ve kept price point agreeable with any producers budget. Hey don’t take our word for it, check out the audio preview to see just how hot these progressive house samples really are!

To preview and buy these melodic erotic progressive house samples, click here.

Sometimes you just need a sample pack that will cover your genre, give you synth loops and basslines for quick inspiration, a large drum beat database, all the drum sounds you need to create your own beats, bass hits for instant bottom end goodness, an fx folder and synth hits for quick use and the creative flair. Welcome to “Studio Essentials” from Zenhiser.

“Studio Essentials – Tech House” once again adds a whole new away of Tech House samples and loops to upgrade your studio to the latest battleground in the Tech House, Deep House, Minimal Tech war. Basing it’s roots upon the yesteryear deep subby bassline tracks this sample pack works from the ground up to create a smorgasbord of tech house loops that fuses both the later sound and rhythm of tech house with some classic elements, making this Studio Essentials pack a brand new outlook on this iconic and relatively new genre and sub genre. With synth lines and stabs that drift perfectly over basslines, drum beats that rattle a tech swing and fx that swoosh over what is some sonically perfect elements this is a sample pack that simply should not be missed. If you are looking to go deep, warm and electronically beautiful then this is it.

“Studio Essentials – Tech House” weighs in at 741 samples and loops totalling just over 500mb in size. So what’s in the sample pack I hear you say, well check this out:

Basslines – 50 loops
Drum Beats – 150 loops
Drums – Kicks – 20 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 20 samples
Drums – Claps – 10 samples
Drums – Snares – 20 samples
Drums – Toms – 10 samples
Drums – Percussion – 20 samples
FX – 100 samples
FX Loops – 15 samples
Percussion Loops – 100 samples
Synth Loops – 45 samples

This Studio Essentials pack is a must for all serious tech heads and house freaks looking to create and extend their studio library.

To preview and buy this Tech House Sample Pack, click here


Zenhiser is pulling out all the stops with the latest addition to the Studio Essentials series. “Progressive House” is a melting pot of driving, melodic and utterly mesmerising samples and loops constructed to deliver an instant song creation tool which can be used in literally minutes. Crammed full of over 600 brand new Progressive House basslines, synth loops, drum beats, drum sounds, fx and even vox fx this is one sample pack that should not be missed. By fusing a variety of similar sub genres “Studio Essentials – Progressive House” sits perfectly for producers creating Progressive House, Main Room House, Electro House and Progressive Trance.

Over 650 mb makes this latest Zenhiser instalment an essential piece of kit for anyone looking to further their production level. And with a price tag of only $34.99 AUD this progressive house sample pack oozes incredible value for money. All loops have bpm and key information added to the filenames, drum sounds are listed in specific folders for easy access, all synth and basslines are looped perfectly for instant use and as with all Zenhiser sample packs, the quality of these progressive house samples are second to none, pure unadulterated melodic, euphoric sounds!

So what’s in Studio Essentials – Progressive House, well check this out:

Bass Hits – 30 samples
Basslines – 50 loops
Drum Beats –  150 loops
Drums – Kicks – 30 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 20 samples
Drums – Snares – 30 samples
Drums – Percussion – 20 samples
FX – 100 samples
Synth Hits – 60 samples
Synth Loops – 50 samples
Vox – 100 samples

For more information and to buy these awesome Progressive House Samples, click here


There’s no multi sampled, clean synth sounds in here, just 125 massive synth stabs and chord hits ready to be used or obliterated in your music productions. Breathing new light into the one shot realm “Big Room Synth Stabs” has been crafted to sound like these synth stab sounds have been sampled, although it may sound like it, each and every synth one shot in this pack was generated on synths and then pushed through a huge array of both digital plug ins and outboard to widen , fatten and master the samples perfectly.

Ranging from the bright chords of house, the darker side of deep house, the tough sound of dubstep through to the huge sound of progressive trance these synth stabs deliver in a big way. Each sound has been constructed just how you would like it …… but better. When we thought we had the sound nailed, we then re-sampled it and pushed it that little bit further until the final result was accomplished, a definitive collection of synth stabs that just works straight out the box. There’s nothing weak and light in “Big Room Synth Stabs”, all the audio samples were made to be big, hey that’s we named it so!

As with all 2010+ Zenhiser samples, each sample is 24 bit, 44.1 khz stereo, wav files with key information in the filename and cut perfectly to drop into your sampler or DAW. We’re sure you’re going to love these samples just as much as we do so check out the preview, buy these bad boys and start making intellectual synth lines in minutes!

To preview and download, click Big Room Stabs