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The evolvement of this breakbeat journey is second to none. Starting where it all began “Twisted Electro Beats” roots itself around the StreetSounds Electro 80’s sound. This iconic electro movement has been perfectly re-created within twisted electro beats sample pack one. As the electro breaks years evolve so does this electro beats collection, progressing with military precision through sample packs 02 – 04 from the innovative electro street culture sounds of the 80’s into an obscene, dirty, twisted and up to date breakbeat workout pushing both the boundaries of the electro beats and the equipment used to create this eardrum crunching electro breakbeat collection.

Boasting at total of 200 electro breaks, “Twisted Electro Beats” is an absolute goldmine for breaks producers wanted to inject some flair and unsurpassed rhythm into their electro breakbeats. This is one ‘BreakTastic’ journey you should not be missing.


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